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Fingerprinting Services Toronto

Fingerprints are still considered to be the most reliable form of criminal identification. Canadian Forensics provides assistance in all aspects of fingerprinting i.e. from friction-ridge (fingerprint) analysis to expert court testimony. Our services are mainly focused towards law enforcing agencies and lawyers covering crime scene to courtroom on instruction of both prosecution and defense.

RCMP Fingerprinting Services Toronto, Canadian Forensics Inc.
Forensic Fingerprinting Services, Canadian Forensics Inc.

Forensic Fingerprint Services

  • Crime scene examination (when necessary)
  • Analysis and examination of finger, palm and foot print impressions recovered from crime scene and assessment of their suitability for comparison
  • Development facilities for examination of a variety of surfaces
  • Case review of impression evidence (including cold case review)
  • Comparison and analysis of impression evidence
  • A comprehensive written report on impression evidence
  • Advice and briefing at pre-trial presentations
  • Fingerprint expert witness testimony

We have partnered with an RSSI affiliate network that provides related services for electronic fingerprints for various civil purposes.

Fingerprinting Services Toronto