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DNA technology is increasingly used as one of the most effective tools to convict a suspect. Whenever a case involves DNA, you need the best Forensic DNA experts to examine the details that are crucial to the case. DNA experts are available to interpret testing results and provide basic DNA education, case specific review, consultation, and courtroom testimony services.DNA forensic testing services help identify possible sources of DNA evidence, create DNA profiles from these sources, and compare the profiles of suspect, victim, and evidence. The forensic scientists can deliver expert testimonies and provide case consultation and review of the DNA evidence presented in a case upon request. Forensic DNA testing has increasingly become an indispensable tool to help ensure justice. When sources of human DNA are found, it is sent to the laboratory which is further examined by laboratory scientists they extract the DNA for testing and analysis. Depending on the sample type (blood, hair, bone, vaginal swab, etc.) and condition, one or more of the following testing systems may be used:

Short Tandem Repeat (STR):-This is the most commonly used and most powerful of the testing systems. The profile generated is unique to each individual and is regularly used for all types of biological samples.

Y-chromosome STR:-Y-STR testing is often used in samples containing a mixture of male and female DNA where the two cannot be separated, as in sexual assault cases.

Mini-STR: –This testing system provides increased ability to obtain results from compromised samples that previously would have yielded unlimited or no genetic data.

The forensic technology is based on the scientific fact that every individual’s DNA is unique except for identical twins. By analyzing and comparing reference samples and biological materials such as blood, tissues, and finger nails left behind at a crime scene, forensic DNA experts are able to link suspects and victims to a specific crime.DNA experts will review the case file including the laboratory notes, raw data, reports, and explain it to the clients what the entire case file means. Typically, the case file is evaluated to verify if there is any non-standard procedures used in generating the results and if the scientific data supports the conclusions. Based on DNA experts’ opinions, you will be able to understand what the DNA evidence means for a case. The DNA Experts can explain the test results, testing methodology, and procedures in the language that is easily understood by the jury and other people in court.

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