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Canadian Criminal Background Checks, Fingerprinting and DNA Testing Services

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We offer services for individuals and businesses of all sizes

Canadian Forensics Inc provides a range of services including RCMP Fingerprinting, Criminal Background Checks, DNA Testing services that are fast, secure and confidential coupled with Top Rated customer care (5 Star). We provide fingerprinting services for citizenship, immigration, employment, volunteering, controlled goods, Health Canada, adoption, name cahnge and other non-criminal purposes. We’ll help you hire honest and safe people. Our DNA tests are accredited by the Standards Council of Canada (SCC) and AABB, 99.9% accurate and 100 % confidential. We’ll help you find all the answers you may have about the paternity of your child or other relationships like maternity, sibling-ship and twins.


Canadian Forensics Inc. offers digital and ink and roll fingerprinting services in Scarborough (Toronto).  CCRTIS division of the RCMP requires a full set of fingerprints of the applicants to complete a certified criminal record checks. Our RCMP fingerprinting location in Toronto is equipped with state of the art Live Scan technology to ensure that the individual you are dealing with is really who they claim to be and that they do not have a criminal record.

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Canadian Forensics offers same day service for criminal background checks (aka criminal record checks and CPIC checks) in Toronto from Canadian police

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DNA Tests, Paternity DNA Tests, Immigration DNA Tests, Canadian ForensicsPeace of Mind (Curiosity) DNA testing to legal testing for paternity, maternity, siblings and twins test. Accurate, confidential and accredited results

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Our forensic DNA experts offer services for legal, laboratory and administrative processes in criminal and paternity case investigations

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We offer comprehensive background check solutions for businesses of all sizes in a fast, professional and dedicated way coupled with highest ranked (5 star) customer service.

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