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Fast, Accredited and Confidential Background Check, Fingerprinting and DNA Testing Services Toronto

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Fingerprinting Services Toronto, Digital Fingerprinting, Canadian Forensics Inc.


Canadian Forensics Inc is accredited by RCMP to provide fingerprints based criminal record checks for civil purposes. Digital and Ink & Roll fingerprinting Services for citizenship, immigration, employment, record suspension, security clearances…

Background Check Toronto, Canadian Forensics Inc.


Need a background check for a new job, foreign travel/visa, adoption or a professional license? Our criminal record checks are fast, secure, reliable and confidential. Get a background check the same day in Toronto and Scarborough

DNA Testing Canada, Canadian Forensics Inc.


Our paternity DNA testing and other relationship DNA tests  are renowned for the accuracy (99.99%), quality (SCC and AABB accredited) and fast turnaround time (results in 3-5 days by email) in Canada. Court Admissible results for strict…

DNA Forensic Servies


We provide unbiased and independent DNA consulting services for legal purposes that include case review and expert testimony related to legal, laboratory and administrative processes in criminal and paternity case investigations

Why Choose Canadian Forensics?

  • RCMP Accredited Fingerprinting Agency

  • Fastest turnaround time for criminal background checks in Toronto

  • Compliant with federal privacy and human rights legislation

  • Standards Council of Canada and AABB accredited DNA Laboratory

  • Most accurate, private and confidential DNA test results

  • Canadian owned and operated by professional forensic scientists

  • Professional, secure and confidential services

About Canadian Forensics Inc.

At Canadian Forensics Inc, our mission is to provide RCMP accredited fingerprinting services, background checks and confidential high-quality paternity DNA testing and forensic expert services for your peace of mind. We are a federally incorporated, RCMP accredited Criminal Background Screening and DNA testing services provider. Our Personal Genomics agency owned and operated by professional forensic scientists and accredited by AABB and SCC. We specialize in fingerprinting, criminal record checks and DNA paternity testing services. Our services will reflect the highest standards in the field of forensic science. Our DNA testing service laboratory (DDC) is accredited by Standards Council of Canada (SCC) and American Association of Blood Banks (AABB). We will provide your background check results the SAME DAY and DNA test results in 4–5 working days.

Safeguarding personal information and privacy of our clients are of supreme importance to Canadian Forensics Inc. Our privacy policy and terms of service outlines that govern the management of personal information, the uses to which personal information is put and how we safeguard privacy can be viewed at “Privacy Policy” page.

For further information please feel free to contact us:

Canadian Forensics Inc.
3464 Kingston Rd, Suite 209A Scarborough, ON M1M 1R5 Canada
Tel: +1 416 269 1717
Web: www.canadianforensicservices.com
Email: info@canadianforensicservices.com

Canadian Forensics Inc. is affiliated with Reliability Screening Solutions Inc.(RSSI). We are accredited by the Canadian Criminal Real Time Identification Services (CCRTIS) branch of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) to provide digital fingerprinting services for Canadian Criminal Background Checks. Our DNA testing is performed by a laboratory accredited by the American Association of Blood Banks (AABB), Standards Council of Canada (SCC), ANAB Accreditation Services (ISO/IEC 17025), The American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors/Laboratory Accreditation Board and College of American Pathologists (CAP). Canadian Forensics can proudly assure you the qualified and professional service possible for Criminal History Checks (Background Screening) and DNA testing.

Canadian Forensics Inc.
3464 Kingston Rd #209A,
Scarborough, ON M1M 1R5

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Let’s See What Our Customers Have To Say?

We are forensic professionals and fully dedicated to keeping our clients’ trust by offering secure and confidential police background checks, fingerprinting and DNA testing services. Our clients have rated us five star for our highly professional and  outstanding customer support service!

5-star“Azad was super helpful and professional. After having a stressful day and coming into his office. He made me feel much better with his friendly demeanor and prompted services. I was in and out of the office within 10 minutes. Thanks so much for your service! Will Azad recommend any day !”

Diane Gagné

5-star“Very excellent service that completed in a timely fashion with a reasonable price. I would recommend this location to anyone requiring a criminal background check.”

Rachael Wallace

5-star“Thank you so much for the good and fast service. My criminal check was done for less then 10 minutes. Reasonable price and excellent customer service.

Dimitar Dimitrov

5 star rating Canadian Forensics Inc.Great people…. great customer service mr. Shah and mr. Hussain thank you so much for the quick back check… found right place for it….excellent work done with great team spirit by these people in less time.. good job.


Canadian Forensics Inc. – the Ultimate Solution for All Your Criminal Background Check Needs

We are a Toronto (Scarborough) based federally incorporated background screening and DNA testing services provider in Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and worldwide. Please contact us to learn more about our convenient, reliable and affordable services, turnaround time for secure and confidential background checks and accredited DNA testing services.