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Canadian Criminal Background Checks, DNA Testing and Fingerprinting Services in Toronto ON Canada


About Canadian Forensics Inc.

RCMP Fingerprinting, Criminal Background Checks and DNA Testing in Canada

Canadian Forensics Inc (CFI) is accredited by the Canadian Criminal Real Time Identification Services (CCRTIS) branch of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) to provide fingerprint-based Criminal Record Checks in Canada. We are federally incorporated and affiliated with Reliability Screening Solutions Inc.(RSSI) to provide digital and ink & roll fingerprinting services in Canada.

We provide fingerprinting services for Citizenship, Permanent Residency, Pardon (Record Suspension), Controlled Goods, Foreign Visa, Travel and Work Permit, Criminal Background Checks, Employment (Private Industry, Federal, Provincial, Police), International Adoption, Name Change, Privacy Act Request, Security Clearances, Volunteer Employment and other Civil Purposes.

Our SAME DAY Background Check Service aka CPIC check or Police Background Check is very popular for employment, professional licences like realtor licence, taxi licence, CNO licence, immigration, and other civil purposes. We help individual applicants as well corporate clients in their decision-making processing for hiring honest and reliable candidates

Canadian Forensics Inc. is Canadian owned and operated by professional forensic scientists.  Our DNA testing laboratory is accredited by AABB (American Association of Blood Banks) and Standards Council of Canada (SCC) for paternity and immigration DNA testing. We offer comprehensive DNA testing services in three major areas: paternity and family relationships; legal DNA testing for paternity and immigration; and forensic DNA testing. Our DNA testing and consultation expertise have earned us a world class reputation among the legal and investigative communities not only in Canada but worldwide.

Our DNA testing results are 99.99% accurate in cases of inclusions and 100 % accurate in cases of exclusions i.e. where there is no biological relationship between the two individuals compared. We use 16 – 21 marker system to assure the accuracy of the results.

Our experienced forensic scientists provide unbiased and independent DNA consulting services to law enforcement agencies, private investigators, and legal community that include case review and expert testimony related to legal, laboratory and administrative processes in criminal and paternity case investigations using DNA, blood, saliva, semen and urine as evidence in court proceedings or personal reasons.

RCMP Fingerprinting Toronto Ontario, Canadian Forensics Inc.Fingerprinting Services

Canadian Forensics Inc. is accredited by the Canadian Criminal Real Time Identification Services (CCRTIS) branch of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) to provide fingerprint-based Criminal Record Checks in Canada. We are federally incorporated, Canadian owned and operated by professional forensic scientists and affiliated with Reliability Screening Solutions Inc (RSSI) to provide digital and ink & roll fingerprinting services in Canada.

Paternity Testing Ontario, Canadian Forensics Inc.DNA Testing Services

Our DNA Testing laboratory (DNA Diagnostics Center) is accredited by the American Association of Blood Banks (AABB), ANAB Accreditation Services (ISO/IEC 17025), The American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors/Laboratory Accreditation Board, College of American Pathologists (CAP). Canadian Forensics Inc. can proudly assure you the qualified and professional services possible for background checks, fingerprinting and DNA testing.

Canadian Forensics Inc (CFI) can safely say that at some point in time, nearly everyone will need our services for criminal background checks, fingerprinting services for citizenship, immigration, employment, foreign visa, travel work permit etc. Our DNA testing services cover from curiosity paternity tests to legal DNA testing for immigration and family purposes; biological relationships; from siblings to aunt and uncle, twins and forensic DNA testing.

Our major clients include:

Legal and Investigative community:

Citizenship and Immigration Canada

Immigration Lawyers / Consultants

Employment Agencies

Government Contractors

Professional Regulatory Bodies

Health Canada

Volunteer organizations

At Canadian Forensics we strictly follow the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) as governed by RCMP policies and procedures. Therefore, regardless of the service requested, we will require a completed CONSENT FORM and two pieces of government issued identification and one of which has to be a photo ID with applicant’s signature on it. For an acceptable list of identification documents, please CLICK HERE.

Safeguarding personal information and privacy of our clients are of supreme importance to Canadian Forensics. Our privacy policy and privacy policy outlines that govern the management of personal information, the uses to which personal information is put and how we safeguard privacy can be viewed at  “Privacy Policy” page.

For further information please feel free to contact us:

Canadian Forensics Inc.
3464 Kingston Rd #209A, Scarborough, ON M1M 1R5
Tel: (416) 269-1717
Web: www.canadianforensicservices.com
Email: info@canadianforensicservices.com