Confidential, 99.99% accurate, fastest and accredited DNA Testing Services in Toronto, ON Canada.

Our comprehensive range of DNA tests includes DNA paternity tests (home and legal), relationship tests and DNA tests for immigration purposes.

Paternity DNA Test

Paternity Testing Toronto, DNA Testing Services in Canada, Canadian Forensics Inc.

Paternity DNA Tests determine if a man is the biological father of a child. Children inherit half of their DNA from their father and half from their mother. The test compares the child’s DNA profile with that of an alleged father.

Only $199.00 per test.

Maternity DNA Test

Maternity DNA tests establish biological relationships between a child and an alleged mother. Our maternity DNA tests guarantee 99.99%+ accuracy in case of inclusions and 100% for exclusion thus leaving no doubts.

Only $299.00 per test.

Twins DNA Test

Twins DNA Test

A Twins DNA Test determines whether twins are identical (monozygotic), fraternal (dizygotic) or just siblings. This test is generally used to satisfy curiosity. The turnaround time is 4-5 business days after we receive the samples…

Only $299.00 per test.

Please note that LEGAL DNA TESTING is NOT possible Remotely

Sibling DNA Testing

Our DNA Sibling Tests provide the likelihood that alleged siblings are full siblings, half siblings, or not related at all. This test helps determine if two children share both parents (full siblings) or one parent (half-siblings) or don’t share both parents (unrelated).

Only $299.00 per test.

Legal Paternity Test

Legal Paternity DNA Testing, Canadian Forensics Inc.

If you need to establish paternity of a child for some legal reasons like changing name on a birth certificate, adoption, child support and tax forms etc then a Legal Paternity DNA Test is the right choice for you. The results of a legal DNA test can be used for legal reasons like etc.

Only $399.00 per test.

DNA Forensics

Forensic DNA Testing, Canadian Forensics Inc.

Our unbiased, independent Forensic DNA testing and consultation services are directed towards investigative and legal community for second opinion testing on DNA samples processed by the government forensic laboratories. Our forensic DNA testing services.

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