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Forensic DNA Testing Services

DNA technology has played a significant role in identifying the suspects and exonerating innocents in criminal investigations, discover identities of victims of natural disasters and accidents where bodies are unidentifiable. Canadian Forensics provides unbiased and independent forensic DNA services for home and legal purposes along with case review and expert testimony related to legal, laboratory and administrative processes in criminal and paternity case investigations using DNA, blood, saliva, semen and urine as evidence in court proceedings or personal reasons. We extend our services to law enforcement agencies, private investigators, and legal community to find suspects professionals in finding answers, administering justice, and ensuring a safe, secure environment for everyone. Our DNA testing laboratory(DDC) is the largest and most experienced private DNA testing laboratory in North America. For free consultation or to discuss any situation please:

Forensic DNA Testing, Canadian Forensics Inc.
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Forensic DNA Testing Services

Our DNA testing laboratory uses a core set of 13 STR loci as recommended by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for generating DNA profiles for reference and evidence samples. Our unbiased, independent Forensic DNA testing and consultation services are directed towards investigative and legal community for second opinion testing on DNA samples processed by the government forensic laboratories. Our forensic DNA testing services include:

  • Forensic Paternity
  • STR Testing
  • Y-STR Testing

Forensic DNA Testing – How it Works?

Step 1: Free Initial Consultation
Call us (1 (416) 269 -1717) to discuss your specific Forensic DNA testing requirements. Our Forensic DNA experts will determine if DNA analysis is suitable for your case. If so, we will devise an effective strategy to analyze DNA for the desired outcome of the analysis in the best interest of client.

Step 2:  Case Review / Second Opinion
In clients decide to take full advantage of the expertise, a comprehensive review of the case file is done. We work side by side with our clients to increase the defense against prosecution. All fees are decided on case to case basis.

Step 3: Serology / DNA analysis (if needed)
Serology and/or DNA analysis is carried out if our experts feel that it is necessary to reach a logical conclusion in the best interest of the clients. The results of the repeat DNA analysis are prepared in accordance with the standard operating protocols and submitted in the form of an official laboratory report with a detailed explanation of submitted samples, markers for DNA fingerprinting, and the final conclusions. Our forensic expert will provide a detail report along with interpretation and ways to utilize the report for the best outcome of the case.

Step 4: Expert Witness Testimony
If required, our forensic DNA expert will provide expert witness testimony in the court. We follow up with clients regarding the outcome of the case.

Forensic DNA Testing Process, Canadian Forensics Inc.