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Legal Paternity DNA Test in Toronto, Canada

DNA Testing for Legal Purposes – Court Admissible Results


A legal paternity DNA test is usually ordered by courts to resolve a disagreement about parentage of a child for maintenance, inheritance or immigration disputes. In legal paternity DNA testing, strict “chain of custody” must be followed i.e. DNA sample collection must be witnessed and documented with proper identification and photographs. The results of a paternity DNA test may be used for other reasons as well like changing name, birth certificate, adoption, child support, tax forms etc.

Legal Paternity DNA Test Toronto, Canadian Forensics Inc.

What is The Difference Between a Home Paternity Test and a Legal Paternity Test?

Technically, there is no difference between a Home Paternity Test (aka Peace of Mind Test or Curiosity Test) and a Legal Paternity Test. The only difference lies in the way the DNA samples are collected. For a home paternity test, you can simply order a DNA sampling kit online, receive the kit at home and collect samples yourself from the comfort your home. The DNA kit includes detailed instructions on “How to collect DNA samples” using sterile oral cotton swabs and documentation for labeling and consent of the test participants.  Once the samples are collected you just send them to our laboratory for analysis and receive the results in 3-5 business days.

For paternity DNA tests, samples are collected following a strict chain of custody. Samples must be collected by a qualified GP or a nurse  to ensure the positive identification of the test participants. The results of the a legal paternity do not differ from that of a peace of mind paternity test and should be exactly the same.

How to Do a DNA Test for Legal Purpose?

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Cost: $399*

  • Call: +1 (416) 269-1717 to book an appointment
  • A nurse will swab the cheeks of test participants for DNA samples
  • The collected DNA samples will be sent to our laboratory for analysis
  • You will receive the results by email or mail within 5-7 business days
  • Privacy and confidentiality is at the core of all our DNA tests

Why choose Canadian Forensics?

Canadian Forensics is the Canada’s most trusted DNA testing facility. Our DNA services are robust, reliable and rapid coupled with excellent customer service for you.

  • We run every test twice for 100% accuracy
  • Our laboratory is AABB accredited
  • Worldwide Services
  • 21 Markers Test
  • Results within 5-7 days
  • Rapid, Robust and Reliable
  • Quality Assurance
  • Private and Confidential

Legal Paternity DNA Test – The Process and Cost

If you need paternity DNA test results for some legal purposes, then a Legal Paternity DNA Test must be performed. The common legal reasons for which the results of this tests ca be used are:

  • Adoption
  • Birth Certificate
  • Child Custody
  • Child Support
  • Tax Forms
  • Will/Estate
  • Immigration
  • Court Order
  • Other Legal Reasons

You will receive the results by email within 5-7 working days after we receive the DNA samples in our laboratory.

For a legal paternity DNA test requires strict chain of custody documentation to ensure the court admissibility of the tests for paternity disputes such as child custody and child support. We highly recommend you Contact Us and discuss your DNA test requirement with our forensic DNA expert. This will ensure the right DNA test selection for your legal objectives.

A standard legal paternity DNA test (1 child, 1 father and mother (optional) performed by Canadian Forensics costs $399 + applicable taxes. We offer the most competitive prices among all the accredited (SCC and AABB) DNA testing laboratories. Please call 1 (416) 269-1717 to discuss your paternity DNA test needs.

Step 1: Call
Call us (1.416.269.1717) to discuss your specific DNA testing requirements

Step 2: Order
Pay for the DNA analysis that is required to complete your legal testing

Step 3: Book Appointment
Book an appointment for DNA sample collection with third party identity verification

Step 4: Collect
DNA samples are collected and sent following strict “chain of custody protocols” to our laboratory for analysis

Step 5: Results
Clients receive a confidential report by email within 5-7 working days after the receipt of all samples in our laboratory

Legal Paternity DNA Test