Determine Whether You Have Identical or Fraternal Twins

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Twins DNA Test helps determine if the twins are identical or fraternal. The most common reason for carrying out twins’ DNA test is parental curiosity. Results of this test however can be used in situations where organ or bone marrow donations are required.  Curious to know if twins are identical or fraternal? Our twin zygosity test can answer all your questions.

Twins test also known as zygosity test helps us finding out whether twins, triplets or more are identical.

Identical Twins– Identical twins result from one zygote i.e. one egg is fertilized by one sperm cell and then splits into two embryos. Identical twins will have identical DNA profiles.

Fraternal Twins –When two eggs are independently fertilized by two different sperm cells the resultant twins are fraternal.

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How to Do Twins DNA Test in Toronto, Canada

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  • Call +1 (416) 269 – 1717 to book an appointment
  • A nurse will swab the cheeks of test participants for DNA samples
  • The collected DNA samples will be sent to our laboratory for analysis
  • You will receive the results by email or mail within 4-5 business days
  • Privacy and confidentiality is at the core of everything we do

Order a Home DNA Collection Kit

  • Order a DNA sample collection kit online or by phone
  • After recieving the kit at home, follow enclosed sample collection instructions to collect DNA samples
  • Send the DNA samples back to our laboratory in the provided envelops
  • You will receive the results by email or mail within 4-5 business days after we receive your samples in our labaratory

Prepare your own DNA collection kit

  • Download the instructions to prepare your own DNA sample collection kit
  • Follow the instructions to collect DNA samples
  • Complete the payment options on the form
  • Send the samples to our labortary
  • You will receive the results by email or mail within 4-5 business days after we receive the results in our labaratory


Why Do a Twins DNA Test?

Parents want to know all they can about their babies and especially when they have twins or triplets or more. When these twins grow up they also get curious to know. Here are the reasons why parents want to know about the zygosity of their babies:

  • Just for their curiosity
  • To answer the question” Are they identical?”
  • To find out the odds of having twins/triplets again especially for women with non-identical twins
  • For any other reason where knowledge of zygosity is essential
  • To find out their suitability for organ or bone marrow donation

Twins DNA Test – The Process and Cost

A Twins DNA test determines the statistical probability of whether or not siblings (brothers and sisters) share the same two parents. A sibling DNA test provides the likelihood that alleged siblings are full siblings, half siblings, or not related at all.

You will receive the results by email within 5-7 working days after we received the DNA samples in our laboratory

A simple cheek swab is good enough to perform twins DNA test. For this test you can use our DNA collection kits or you can Prepare Your Own DNA Collection Kit by following our simple and easy instructions for sample collection. The DNA analysis is same as is used for paternity tests. Canadian Forensics will provide details of the DNA profiles for each child/individual and confirm whether the results are consistent with them being identical or fraternal. Send the samples back to our laboratory for analysis and we will send the results back to you within 5-7 business days by email or by regular post.

A standard twins DNA test (2 children (twins) performed by Canadian Forensics costs $299. We offer the most competitive prices among all DNA testing laboratories with the same credentials including SCC and AABB accreditation. Please call 1-416-269-1717 to discuss your paternity DNA test needs.

Step 1: Call
Call us (1.416.269.1717) to discuss your specific DNA testing requirements

Step 2: Order
Pay for the DNA analysis that is required to complete your legal testing

Step 3: Book Appointment
Book an appointment for DNA sample collection with third party identity verification

Step 4: Collect
DNA samples are collected and sent following strict “chain of custody protocols” to our laboratory for analysis

Step 5: Results
Clients receive a confidential report by email within 3-5 working days after the receipt of all samples in our laboratory